Hiring someone to come into your home when you're not there is a big decision. We try to provide as much information as possible about this process so you feel safe and confident.

Some benefits of pet sitting include:

  • Your pet stays in the comfort of its own home, reducing stress and fear
  • Your pet is not subject to negative experiences at kennels or boarders such as: unexpected illness, contact with unfamiliar animals, environmental changes, over stimulation, etc. Even kennel workers understand that many pets, especially timid or illness prone animals, are not appropriate for kenneling and would benefit from in-home pet sitting.
  • Your pet will not have to endure stress related to transportation
  • Your pet is guaranteed to receive lots of direct love and attention from your pet sitter
  • Your home will be monitored at each visit, reducing potential for intrusion while you're away and keeping your house looking "lived in."
  • Avoids imposing on friends, neighbors or family.

Some benefits of choosing Keeping Tracks include:

  • Experienced, loving, and reliable pet sitter. It's not easy to find someone who you can trust with two of the most important things in your life: your home and your pets
  • No unknown sitters- you will meet your professional sitter
  • Thorough background searches conducted on our experienced sitters. We only hire sitters who have formal experience in the pet care industry.
  • Online payment options including credit card and check acceptance through PayPal
  • Fully insured and a member of Pet Sitters International (PSI)
  • Your sitter drives an unmarked (no advertising) vehicle, so as not to draw attention to your absence
  • Your sitter provides you with a journal log of each visit
  • Often available on short notice at no additional charge
  • We utilize professional legal and veterinary agreements and ensure that you understand all of our policies and procedures.
  • We stay educated about pet care and avail ourselves as a resource for clients looking for pet and home care tips.

Tips for choosing a sitter:

Don't be afraid to ask questions. This is a big decision you are making and you should feel confident about your choice.

Experience matters. Anybody can become a pet sitter, but not everybody is good with animals and genuinely cares about the services they provide. Find someone who has experience with animal care and feels like a good fit for your needs.

Don't rely solely on a pet sitters memberships and affiliations. While they may show a sitter's dedication to the profession, they aren't necessarily a good indication of thequality of service the sitter provides. Interview your sitter and find out for yourself if he or she meets your requirements.

Make sure the sitter uses a contract and that you read it carefully. A professional will use carefully written contracts. Contracts prevent misunderstandings and protect both you and the sitter. A contract also indicates that you are dealing with a real business and not just someone out to make a quick buck. Take time to read the contract, understand what you're agreeing to and keep a copy on file.

Make sure your sitter is insured and, in some cases, bonded. Some full coverage insurances include bonding type provisions, so a specific bonding policy may not always be necessary. But some form of insurance is essential to protect you and your sitter from accidents and unforeseen circumstances (breakage, lost keys, bites, water damage, etc).

Don't be afraid to ask for references. Many clients share their comments with their pet sitters. Sometimes sitters list these comments on their website or even allow you to contact past or current clients.

Keep in mind that there are many costs covered by the fee your pet sitter charges. Rates are determined to cover the sitter's fuel, vehicle maintenance, insurance advertising, office supplies, membership fees, background checks and of course their time and expertise. So while it may sometimes seem like an expensive endeavor, remember the many benefits, not least of which are peace of mind and quality care.

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